Ripatransone rises on the top of a ridge at an altitude of 500 m above sea level. It is also known as the Belvedere of the Piceno for the view that is possible to enjoy watching the horizon that ranges from the Sibillini mountains to the Adriatic Sea.
Our estate is located on a hill below Ripatransone in the context of the 3 districts: San Michele, Castellano, Brancuna and it is only 7 km from Cupramarittima.
The vine has always been present on these hills: this is a fact that goes back to the ancient people of Picenes that settled in the Marche region during the 1st millennium BC.

Only in the 3rd century BC Picenes were induced to enter into agreements with the Roman Empire, as confirmed by documents and artifacts from that period, and in particular from the Roman colony of Ager Cuprensis, known by the name of “Regio V Piceno” at the center of an intense supply activity of agricultural specialties of the area(very appreciated in Rome), thanks to the nearby port.
 Where today we planted our vineyards, there were pre-existing 70 year-old vines.